Given the potentially diverse regulatory and economic impacts of SDN and NFV, it seems critical to the project’s success to involve a broad range of experts originating from all fields that may be influenced by SDN / NFV deployment and use cases. We intend to use a Delphi Study to meet this requirement.

A Delphi Study uses a large expert panel to arrive at a consensus about future developments. Predicting any future network technology’s impact is obviously very difficult. Opinions about SDN’s/NFV’s potential impact are expected to vary considerably across different stakeholder groups and individual experts.

A Delphi Study appears to be most efficient and effective approach to fulfil the overarching research objective of the envisioned study. Its most common use is to forecast technological developments and innovation (adoption) processes. Finally, achieving consensus amongst a wide variety of experts (with sometimes contradictory opinions) is at the very heart of the method. You can find more information about the method here.

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