In the initiation phase of the project we will conceptualise the study and accumulate initial input from all partners in order to be able to develop the questionnaire and identify adequate experts. Then we will conduct the first Delphi round gathering data from respondents within their domain of expertise. After an initial review and consensus-building of the selected in-depth expert interviews a feedback and consensus-building workshop in month 4 will produce a questionnaire with comments and results followed by the second Delphi round. In month 7 we will have a workshop and final review and consensus-building process with final feedback to complete the study.

By and large, this reflects the key features of Delphi Studies as laid out in research methodologies literature. We would like to highlight that our approach enriches typical Delphi Study settings by personal and open exchange of thoughts in the workshops that are also part of the Delphi process designed for this project.

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